Latest ERC777 Swap Information

VRA has swapped from being an ERC20 token to ERC777


The swap to ERC777 - which is fully compatible with ERC20 - means we can implement our Proof of View (PoV)™ technology much faster and more efficiently by using the well-established and trusted Ethereum network. The Ethereum solution is widely recognized, easier to scale, costs less in time and money to implement and the robust but flexible ERC777 standard opens many possibilities for new products, as well as Proof of View™.
What you have to do
If your VRA is on VeraWallet
VeraWallet holders have their tokens swapped on a 1:1 basis automatically. There is nothing you need to do, all VRA balances within the VeraWallet (including Staking) have been swapped to ERC777.
If your VRA is held in private or cold storage
If you’re holding VRA in private or cold storage, all you have to do is send your VRA to VeraWallet, where it will automatically be swapped 1:1 to the new ERC777 tokens.
If your VRA is on an exchange
VRA held on OKExKuCoin, BitMart, BitMax, MXC, Bittrex, HitBTC, Gate, Stex, Digifinex, Bitribe, Indodax and Probit is all ERC777. These exchanges now ONLY accept ERC777.
VRA held on any other centralized exchanges should be removed and transferred to your VeraWallet to be swapped.
If you're unsure if you hold ERC20 or ERC777 please send your tokens to your VeraWallet account. All withdrawals from VeraWallet are ERC777. 
To find out more information about the ERC777 token swap please read our detailed Medium post:
Smart Contract Address
Please note that the Verasity ticker (VRA) remains the same but the smart contract address is now 0xf411903cbc70a74d22900a5de66a2dda66507255 - DO NOT SEND ANY TOKENS TO THS ADDRESS

The smart contract address for Verasity (VRA) is only 0xf411903cbc70a74d22900a5de66a2dda66507255, which can also be found at the footer of